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Spazio 3DSpazio3D is the Italian CAD and CAD-CAM software designed for the interior design and furniture industry, entirely developed by BrainSoftware srl.
Complete from any point of view, it allows to manage all the furniture production phases: from the design to production printings, including CNC files.
Developed to offer the maximum flexibility, Spazio3D modular structure satisfies any customer’s need, from the simple room assembler up to the most advanced versions which allow to create and produce any type of custom-made furniture.

ARDIS® is a modular all-in-one platform designed and built for the sheet, bar and coil cutting industry. Modules are powerful alone. Better together.
Todays complex world with fierce competition requires a solution you can grow into. This requires a standardized proven software which is highly customizable by parameterization. Our modular design allows us to focus on your current needs without closing doors to the future. Product versions allow to support both small, midsize and large customers.

Our company can provide basic or advanced training and support to all the software related with the use of Biesse machines. It doesn’t matter if your machine is old or new, our partners can help you with the use, maintenance and repair at any stage.

The software we support are:


The modern market has the need of user-friendly software solutions for CNC machines that can be used from anyone without the need of expert programming knowledge.
Biesse’s answer to that need comes with the development of a software built around the real needs of our customers. B_SUITE includes a series of advanced software tools, giving the users access to cutting edge technologies. If the software is the only limitation to the use of a machine, then B_Suite is the answer!


BiesseWorks is a part of CNC programming history. It is one the first software in the field that evolved the programming of the machines to drawing. With the importation of smart tools, friendly to the user, operating a CNC machine became simpler than ever.


Optiplanning is an cutting optimizing software developed by Biesse for use on Biesse beam saw machines. It is easy to operate and offers a wide range of parameters to affect the cutting plans. With the use of automatic import, automatic label creation for printing on the machine, grain matching etc, Optiplanning can satisfy every demand.


OSI is a software specially developed for the operating of Biesse’s beam saws. Operating a beam saw is now simpler than ever with the use of graphic menus and icons for the programming of cutting machinings.


Modern Biesse edgebanding machines are equipped with software Sintra for the control of every gluing stage. It’s menu is specially design for use on touch screens and provides easy access to all functions.

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In Greece we can still find a lot of older Biesse machines operating with software that the company doesn’t officially support anymore. If you have purchased an old machine and are trying to learn how to operate it or if you want to train a new staff member, you can come to us! Surely, our skilled partners are equipped to answer your questions and solve any problem you may be facing.

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