Since 2010 we provide the furniture industry with serious, correct and specialized support!

Multi-year experience

Specialized personnel

High quality of services

New technology tools

What is our field?

Design, Construction, Repair, Maintenance

Machine service

Our expert technicians can warranty the immediate dealing of all technical issues with your machinery.

Our multi-year experience in combination with our constant training in new technologies can assure you of our responsible handling of any malfunction and their immediate solving.

Training of CNC operators

Operating any kind of CNC machine requires experience as well as specialized knowledge on the subject.

Woodnimac is able to train new machine operators, building a steady base for their evolvement in the industry. But we can also provide advanced training to experienced operator, focused on a specific field or a new technology.

Training of software

Our modern world rotates around the use of computers and software. The better we can use of a software, the more possibilities we have to exploit our machine of design capabilities.

H Woodnimac we have become experts in the use of modern software and can help resolving all questions, no matter how simple or complex.

The immediate support of our customers is essential for the industry workflow without delays.

For that reason, Woodnimac provides non-stop support through phone or remote connections for the immediate solving of every day problems.

Contact us and you will receive a complete organizational solution for your business.

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+30 2310.692.876