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Woodnimac Service

Woodnimac service would like to welcome you to the new, digital age of furniture design. We would like to introduce you to the benefits of the Industrial design and the and the simplicity offered by the connection of the CNC machines to your office.
The high quality products from out established partners combined with our specialized services will introduce you to the world of Industry 4.0 and give your products the value they deserve.

What is our field?

Production planning, Woodworking machines, Cutting tools

Machine service

Our expert technicians can warranty the immediate dealing of all technical issues with your machinery.

Training of CNC operators

The modern world revolves around the use of computers and software.

Training of software

Operating any kind of CNC machine requires experience as well as specialized knowledge on the subject.


The immediate support of our customers is of utmost importance for the continuous flow of production without delays.

Contact us and you will receive a complete organizational solution for your business.

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+30 2310.692.876